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"Inside Out", our forthcoming album.

We are excited to announce that the mixing process of our fourth album, Inside Out is well under way.

In the good old days things were a lot less complicated. You mixed an album to sound good on a vinyl LP. Then the punter, who had raided his/her piggy bank and begged granny for a few shillings, would go to their local record shop, purchase the said LP, peruse the album cover on the journey home, then finally listen to the full album from start to finish. Quite often they would be a little disappointed with a few tracks, not having heard them before. However, they had spent good money and were determined to "get into" the new songs. After a few listens, the disappointing songs would become firm favourites.

These days it's more of a compromise. Your songs are streamed on media such as Spotify, Apple, Deezer etc. and then listened to mostly on phones, perhaps on a crowded tube or bus. More often than not, the listener will give your song about 20 seconds before moving on to something more attention-grabbing.

With Inside Out we have resisted the temptation to try and compete in the loudness wars, and have approached the mixing in the old fashioned way. Hopefully this will achieve a more dynamic and pleasurable experience for our listeners.

Watch this space!

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