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Three of a Kind

Release Date; 21 March 2021

Genre - Progressive Rock


Dave Westmoreland - vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitar

Will Lawery - vocals, guitars

Martyn Howes - vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass, drums

Anthony Naughton - guest vocals (Adrenaline High)


Adrenaline High.  Based on an idea created in 1978.  The song was never completed in it's original form.  When the lyrics were rediscovered in 2019, the "adrenaline" once again kicked in and the track was developed.  With constantly changing time signatures, Hammond and Moog competing with funky guitar, Adrenaline High appeals to traditional prog rock fans looking for something a little different.

Fabulist.  Composed and sung by Will Lawery,  Fabulist is full of dynamics.  Changing from acoustic guitar one moment to searing organ the next, Fabulist hints at 70s style Pink Floyd.

I Have Loved the Stars Too Long. Influenced by the poem The Old Astronomer by Sarah Williams.  Composed and sung by Dave Westmoreland,  

When Tomorrow Comes Around.  When man has finally finished blowing each other up, and the planet is close to the edge of dying, all that remains are a few survivors in a dystopian future.  You have been warned!


No One Knows.  Many of us have  recently lost loved ones.  This touching song approaches the emptiness left behind.

The Writings on the Wall.  This song touches on the horrors of war and of the victims of oppression.

Jerusalem Armageddon.  This song opens with the music of Jerusalem by Sir Hubert Parry..  The track them morphs in and out of Armageddon, a tune composed by Will and Dave.  The idea behind the song is the fight between those who love English traditions like cricket on a village green, afternoon teas, church-bells on a Sunday Morning, and those who would knock it all down in the quest for "improvement" and "development".

A prog rock epic!


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