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NEW ALBUM: Inside Out - out now!

Inside Out by Materialeyes front album cover showing three male band mambers in front of a colourful planet.

We're thrilled to announce that our latest album, "Inside Out" is finished.

It's taken a while, with painstaking attention to detail, both during recording and mixing. We are proud to be bringing you what we believe to be our finest album so far.

Release date: 18 August 2023

Inside Out is a five track prog rock album, available as a limited edition CD and

as a high quality digital download.


This World - the opening track, explores our concerns about mans destruction of our planet.

Eric Upon Tweed - an amusing song about a North Eastern coal miner.

Longship - an atmospheric song inspired by the Vikings.

Horsemen - at over 13 minutes long, this is a true Westmoreland epic.

Clay Man - inspired by a dream, this is the final track on the album

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About the Band

Materialeyes are a Progressive Rock band based in Yorkshire, England

The present band was formed in 2016 but it's roots started to grow several years before. 

In the wilds of an isolated Yorkshire village stands an ancient hostelry where, almost two hundred years earlier a most vicious murder took place.  Two men, who happened upon the same path, came to a small beck, or stream. As the first negotiated the stepping stones, the other grabbed him and slit his throat from ear to ear.  The poor man crawled across the fields to the aforementioned inn, blood pouring from his wound.  Ever since, any stranger who entered the inn has been met with suspicion.

And so it was when Dave Westmoreland entered the same inn almost two centuries later.  The room went silent as the older man entered.  After ordering his drink his eyes met with those of Will Lawery.

The two men took stock of each other before one of them spoke the immortal words, "Get your guitar out then, we'll have a jam"!

The seeds were sown.  Both Dave and Will share an enthusiasm for progressive rock music.  Will being a keen follower of his fellow Yorkshireman Bill Nelson, and Dave having an eclectic fondness of a wide variety of music, not just the traditional 70s prog rock bands like Yes and Emerson, Lake and Palmer, but also the modern symphonic prog rock bands which were starting to emerge.

In 2016 fellow tyke, Martyn Howes was invited to jam.  Martyn had previously played with Wakefield NWOBHM band Roadster as well as playing in bands along side Al Selway and Gary Pearson of Vardis.  Martyn shared a love of prog rock, having been weaned on Focus, Yes and Pink Floyd. 

The three men immediately hit it off and Materialeyes was born.

In 2018 their first album "Strange Road" was released.  The album contained nine melodic tracks, the last of which A Strange Road lasted over fifteen minutes.

The following year saw Materialeyes creating their "difficult" second album, In Focus.  The six tracks on the album were a step closer to their prog rock roots and featured more Hammond organ and Moog synth.  

Their third album Three of a Kind expanded on their previous ideas. Opening with the highly acclaimed Adrenaline High, followed by the rich tapestry of Fabulist, amongst others before the grand finale, Jerusalem Armageddon, a song inspired by Sir Hubert Parry.

Three of a Kind was released 21 March 2021.

Materialeyes  were thrilled to be back at work after over a year of lock-down during the covid epidemic.  Dave, Will and Martyn went back in the studio to work on tracks for album number four.  New ideas came thick and fast.  It was a real joy for them to be back doing what they love- creating new prog rock music for 2023 and beyond.

Their latest prog rock album Inside Out was released 18 August 2023. 

Pre-orders now being taken for CDs and downloads. The CD is a limited edition so get in quick!

Prog on!

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